Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade

Signature Cadillac Escalade styling loaded with luxury features! Real FM radio, see-through windows, chrome wheels and grill, doors that open and close, battery charge indicator, and more! 12-volts of battery power for two speeds forward (2.5 and 5 mph, max.) plus reverse on hard surfaces and grass with a high-speed lock-out for beginners and Power Lock Brake System. Includes 12-volt battery and charger. Requires 4 C batteries for sound.

It’s never to early to enjoy a first-class ride! The Cadillac Escalade EXT is a two-seat vehicle with two working doors and all the styling of a real Escalade EXT. The restaged styling includes a new front end, chrome grill and headlight. There’s even a working radio, as well as refreshed interior and exterior colors. This 12-volt vehicle drives over the grass as speeds up to 5 mph. Requires 4 “C” batteries, not included. Measurements: 30″ x 35″ x 60″. Weight Capacity up to 40lbs.

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